A Huge Snake

Saturday, we were slumming around the house (or at least I was, Sonya’s always working around the house).  I was in MY chair when I heard a couple of blood-curdling screams.  Hannah is screaming and Sonya chimes in with, “Danny! Danny! there’s a huge snake in the laundry room.”

Now being the man of the house I had a crucial decision to make.  Should I get up out of MY chair?  After all , it was a snake.  Perhaps if I procrastinated long enough it would go away.  But then the thought ran across my mind, “or perhaps it could have babies.”  I got up from MY chair bracing myself for a 6 foot water moccasin or if I evaluated the screams right, I might be facing a 30 foot anaconda:) 

When I entered the room, there it was a HUGE one foot (12 inch) garter snake.  I wrestled it for a few moments before I conquered it and threw it outside.  I could tell by the look in my special ladies eyes that I was their hero. 

Josh then went outside to make sure it was dead.  I know there are good snakes and bad snakes (kind of like cats right?).  Well the only good snake is a dead snake.


4 thoughts on “A Huge Snake

    • Judith,

      I meant nothing derogatory about the cats, although I thought that the same rule that applied to snakes should apply to cats, I would never put that in there. You are reading between the lines.

  1. To your last sentence I give a huge AMEN MY BROTHER!! Man, snakes just really get to me. Hearing about the ladies screams remined me of life with my ex. She was terrified of any crawling insect-and the kids didn’t care much for them. So, she had a solution for them. Anytime there was a spider or anything in the house they would turn a 3 oz paper cup upside down on it and wait for dad to get home. We still laugh about that today.

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