Proud Parents

Sonya and I have been discussing lately how well Josh has adapted to public school.  I must admit I was nervous how he would handle it, but he has made a good transition from homeschool to public school. 

In a new school it is tough to be new and Christian, but Josh is unashamed of either fact.  This morning, he made sure he got to school early enough for See You At The Pole.  For a student that is a public expression of his faith.  Also, today he had a public presentation in speech class and one of the things he had to address is the one thing that he could not be swayed in and Josh declared that he could not be swayed in his Christianity. 

These are proud moments as a parent, but also a reminder to undergird him in prayer that he always remains steadfast no matter what.


2 thoughts on “Proud Parents

  1. You should be very proud. I pray his growth in God continues. I, too, am proud of him and enjoy watching his interaction with the members of the congregation. A fine young man.

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