A Little Extra Time

Hannah woke up at the crack of dawn this morning, so I took her with me to take Josh to school.  She was in a good mood and we had a little chat on the way home.

Hannah: “Daddy, are you going to stay at the house when we get home?”

Me: “No I have to go to work.”

Hannah: “No!”

Me: “Well I have to go to work honey.”

Hannah: “No, you have to sit down for a little well, so we can talk about it.”

Me: “Okay, we can talk about it.”

At three years old, Hannah is teaching me the longing she has for a little extra time with me.  In her own way she wants to have one on one time to “talk about it”. 

As parents do we value time with our kids as much as they value time with us?  Just sitting around and shooting the bull is more than just chit chat when it comes to our kids.  Chit Chat is valuable time that let’s our kids know we care about them and their lives.

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