RIP Blackberry

It is as if a piece of me is dying.  For several months my faithful companion has been on the blink.  For no reason, at important moments, my blackberry just shuts down.  No warning…it just leaves me stranded.  It is on its last leg and pretty soon, I will have to let it go. 

I try to imagine life without it.  I am dependent on it because it hosts my schedule, address book, to-do list and sermon ideas.  It is my second-hand man, my associate pastor so to say.  AT&T now requires users to pay for internet service in order to buy a new blackberry.  They have us Crackberry addicts over the barrel.  I am a last hold out.  It is principle!  They have taken away my rights and I will not give in.  Months ago, I switched back to an ordinary phone.  Within three days, I put my old, beat-up blackberry back in action.

I know there are many other things to be sad about but…this little device has saved me from the embarrassment of missing appointments and even church (just kidding).  It is not the end of the world but perhaps I will take the franklin covey planner out of my desk.  That sounds pretty old school. 

Just wanted to share my heart  here.  I know there are many other world events that are more important.  Just needed to communicate this sad detail of my life. 

Well at least there is some good news to cheer me up.   Hannah turns four tomorrow!  What a great blessing to our lives she has been.

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