4 thoughts on “What A Wife!

  1. Now that is giving it your all. Did you tell her you that on the way home you stopped and got 2 and had already downed them???? No proof, Sonya-just a logical assumption.

  2. That is special. But then again we all know how sweet and kind and generous Sonja really is.
    But now the question is what do you ever do nice for her. Remember I know you. Hope
    Hannah had a good birthday. How is Sassy doing.

    Yea Texans beat the Colts

    • It hurts the way you speak to me on this website. Why must you bring up the Colts…how can Peyton Manning pass for 400 plus yards and lose the game to the Texans?

      Hannah’s birthday was great! And Sassy is doing fine. She reminds me alot of you…SASSY!

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