Yesterday, we began our rebuild series by looking at the decree to rebuild God’s house that is found in Ezra.  King Cyrus was called by God to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem.  Cyrus had a passion to rebuild God’s House after its destruction by the Babylonians.  He put his political power and his resources behind the effort.  The Bible records that God stirred up Cyrus and moved on the people of Israel to join him.

To rebuild RFA we must be stirred up.  Moved by God to build His house.  I sense, within  our church, a stirring up.  I left yesterday morning’s service energized and feeling that God is up to something great.  This year is going to be an incredible testimony of God’s working in Rogers First Assembly.

Over the next month, we will be looking at the theme of rebuilding and then at the beginning of February we will be unfolding our plan for the future.  I am pumped!

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