Altars of Idols?

I have been journeying through Genesis this week and noticed something perplexing.

Noah built an altar to the Lord after the flood.  This is before God instituted the Mosaic law which described altars.  Abraham built numerous altars to the Lord before the law was instituted.  Why? How did they know? Who had told them or showed them the altar and it’s use?  They just knew!

After the law, after Christ, after Redemption, why is it so hard to build an altar in our lives?  Why is it easier to build up idols than it is to build an altar? 

If Noah innately knew and built an altar.  If Abraham did the same, then why can’t we? It is a matter of the heart.  Their hearts were bent more toward altars than idols.  They knew God.  They built an altar in their hearts before they ever built one on earth.

The challenge to us is to build an altar in our hearts.  To seek God with all we are and all we have.  Why is it so hard?  Because we have torn down the altar and put up idols.  Godly men and women tear down idols and put up altars.

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