Pearl Harbor

Today we pause to remember that fateful day that FDR said would go down in infamy.  It was the day that the United States was attacked by our enemies and thrust us into World War 2.  December 7th, 1941: Pearl Harbor Day.

Many thousands of our servicemen died in the attacks by kamikazes as they used their planes to destroy our ships at Pearl Harbor.  It was a day that would change our nation forever. 

Our prayers are with our military men and woman that have served in past wars as well as the ones who serve today.  We are ever mindful that we are free because of their sacrifice.

God bless our troops and God bless America!

Pearl Harbor 1

Pearl Harbor 4 Pearl Harbor 2 Pearl Harbor 3

2 thoughts on “Pearl Harbor

  1. Today I listened to Orion Samuelson from WGN in Chicago. He and his wife attended the Memorial Svc in 2006. He said it was to be the last one as most of those who were there are now too old to make the trip. Along with the American members there were Japanese pilots who did the bombing. He said 90% of the Americans treated them respectfully and as one old fellow said-“I am too old to go to my grave angry.” In closing he said they went through about 4 boxes of Kleenex during the 4 days.

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