Christmas All Year Long

I am always amazed at the generosity that springs up in December.  People seem to have more compassion for the needy when the holidays come around.  There is something within most people  that urges them to respond to those less fortunate.  This is why we get more volunteers to feed the hungry or to provide presents for those who have little.  I am thankful for this type of compassion.

There is, however, a place we can grow and that is in year-round compassion.  I overheard a conversation between a director of a local nursing home in which it was said, “At Christmas we are overwhelmed with volunteers, but we need people all year long.”  That struck a chord with me.  Perhaps, we should find a way to serve others in January and June and September. 

I agree that there are more ways to have compassion in the holiday season.  There are alot of organizations that are doing these things and it is easier to work with them.  I am challenged that we must find a way to serve others every month of the year, not just Christmas.

Just a thought!

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