Writer’s Block

Many people have been wondering why I haven’t been blogging as much the last couple of weeks.  No need to worry, I have been pretty busy with alot of other things.  We have some projects we are working on at the church and the house.  But one of the main reasons I haven’t been writing as much is because I have been suffering from writer’s block.  When I sit down to write it just does not seem to “flow”.  I don’t like to write unless it can “flow”, so I have been struggling with my creativity.  I believe that is changing and hope to be back in the swing of writing this week.  Pray that I will overcome the writer’s block.

6 thoughts on “Writer’s Block

  1. Please get over it soon. I start my day at work by reading your blog. Its been hard to get to work every morning that nothing is here. Never mind that the boss has been gone 3 weeks. YEA
    But I really do miss it when there is nothing here.

    • Thanks for your kindness! I knew you could be nice to me, I had to quit writing to see it come to pass! I will now begin to write more because I know how you feel.

  2. I miss the blogging too. Judy isn’t the only one that starts her morning with a devotion and your blog.

    Hey, your last bulletin won’t open.

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