Clutter Bug

I am not a clutter bug, meaning I do not like clutter nor do I have a tendency to collect such.  I like a clean office.  I like a desk that is not piled high but organized.  I am not afraid to throw things away to keep the paper from piling up.  If it hasn’t been used in 6 months throw it away.  That is my philosophy.  I have always believed that the computer saved us from the trap of clutter.  In fact, it is my dream tool!  Keep it on the computer and throw away the papers.

That is a good philosophy, right?  If you look at my computer you will see alot of documents.  I have them organized on there.  I have files that I have collected for years, ever since Windows 3.1.  It is amazing how much we can hold on a 250gb hard drive.  Files and more files. Clutter and more clutter!

Is there is a difference between clutter on the computer and clutter on the desk?  One is seen, the other unseen!  One is seen by everyone, the other only by the person who has access to the hard drive.  Sounds alot like the heart!

Often in life, we have all of our ducks in a row.  Our desks are clean.  We look neat and well put together.  No clutter going on in our lives.  But what happens if we look within our hearts; is there any clutter there?  We have a tendency to look the part but inside our hearts are cluttered with all kinds of things.  Things that are only seen by us and God.  Sin, pride, anger, bitterness, hurts, pain, issues that have yet to be dealt with.  We try to keep the outside looking good because on the inside we are cluttered up.

God wants to work in our hearts and remove the clutter.  He wants to do some spring cleaning in our spiritual lives.  There are things we keep hidden in our hearts that have been there for many years.  Isn’t it time that we throw away some “stuff”?  What is it that is cluttering your life?

6 thoughts on “Clutter Bug

  1. After living in one room for 7 months now with all of the “stuff” that is in your house around you in the living room and kitchen, I have been throwing stuff away a litle at a time. But I have a problem about getting rid of it if it hasn’t been used in 6
    months, Occassionaly (sp) I like to fry and egg of
    cook something to eat, so I keep my stove for those crazy moments.

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