Lessons From The Library

My lesson from the library today?  Kids are possessive! 

Hannah enjoyed playing with a little boy about her age at the library.  Hannah would lead him over to the computers and tell him to check his emails.  They each had their own computer, but the little boy wanted to check his email on Hannah’s computer.  So Hannah in her “Hannah” way says, “You check your email right there, I check mine here.”  This happened on several occasions.

As they were sitting there checking email, Hannah looks over at me and says, “That’s my daddy!”  The little boy simply repeated what Hannah had said.  He replied as a question, “That’s my daddy?”  Hannah jumped out of her seat screaming, “No, that’s my daddy! That’s my daddy!”  She comes and puts her arms around me and yells, “That’s  my daddy!”

After that if the little boy came near me, she would replay that whole scene again.  I know you are supposed to be quiet in the library but Hannah hasn’t got that down yet:) 

What is it about kids that they become possessive and do not want to share?  Is it simply the sin nature within us?  Honestly, we do not grow out of the “not sharing” thing.  It just takes different forms as we get older.  The Bible labels the grown up version as, greed, envy, jealousy and a host of other sins.  Is there any thing in your life that you have become possessive of?  Money, possessions, people, positions, etc.  Another thing we seem to be possessive of is the gospel…we withhold it like it is ours only and never share it with others.

4 thoughts on “Lessons From The Library

  1. LOL!! Have you noticed that sence Hannah is getting older that she is more talkitive!!
    She does that everytime i comeover, or at church in the nursery also!!
    you gotta get a video camera and record some of her funny stuff so you can show her when she gets older. hehe!!

  2. Bless my little students (oops ) I mean my precious little darlings heart. Since she left me
    I haven’t been able to teach her any more things
    to do, I mean how to behave. I agree with Sheila
    you need a video cam so you can send all these
    things to me. But remember Sonya always says
    she is just like her DADDY.

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