Sunday April 19, 2009

We had an awesome service Sunday morning.  It seemed that God was really present in the House.  Worship went great!  The worship team were off the hook (incredible) on All Things Are Possible.  It seemed like they were on fire!  We sang Healer by Hillsongs and you could sense that God was touching hearts.

We began our series “Getting Through” and talked about Channel Blockers, the things that block our channel with God.  We discussed five things that hinder our prayer lives and focused on working those things out of our lives. 

The five things that block our channel with God are:
1.  Our sin
2.  Our bitterness
3.  Our motives (wrong)
4.  Our pride
5.  Our past failures (condemnation)

We talked about overcoming these things and creating a prayer life that brings results.  This coming Sunday we will be looking at Abiding That Will Help Us Get Through.

Our attendance was good (107) with about a dozen guests.  Our prayer is that lives will be transformed and changed by the power of God’s Spirit.  God is certainly at work in our midst.

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