Life’s Passion Part 2

Yesterday, I wrote about my passion for preaching and how, often, our passions get out of order.  Meaning, we allow other passions to consume us more than others. 

I have a passion for souls.  I have a passion for prayer.  I have a passion to know God.  I pursue these things.  I am sure these are your passions and pursuit as well. 

Here is the question I have been asking myself this week:  Are these the things I am MOST passionate about?  Are my priorities and passions in the right order?

Often in our Christian life, we continue to be passionate about the right things.  We haven’t lost those passions altogether, it might just be that they are not as strong as they used to be.  Or, in many cases, we allow another passion to take first place.  I am constantly on a journey in my Christian walk.  I often evaluate my life in light of what God desires and what His passion for me is.  I pray as the Psalmist, “Search my heart and see if there is any wicked way in me.”

The key to continued spiritual growth is honesty with self and God.  It is being willing to open your heart and allow God to work in you.  The successful Christian will always seek to fix himself before he fixes everyone else.  When we find something that needs to be fixed, we must fix it.  If our passions are out of order, it is the time to put them back in their proper place.

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