My Life’s Passion

In my life, I am consumed by my passion to preach, to share God’s Word.  It is what drives me and even though sermon preparation can become a chore, I press through because of my passion to preach.  As I prepare sermons, I am driven to build a message that will challenge those who hear.  To minister to those who need encouragement, to disrupt the comfortable and build up the ones who need hope.  As I study, my goal is to help others discover the truth of God’s Word and to help unpackage the Bible in a way that is memorable and that everyone learns something.  This is my passion!  It is what I am, who I am and it is the passion of my heart.

To many this is a good thing.  I have sat through many sermons that were delivered by those who were not passionate to communicate.  There is, however, a discovery that I have made in my life.  Rather, I should say that the Holy Spirit has helped me discover.  The Holy Spirit nudged me last night with a question, “Are you as passionate about prayer as you are about preaching?  Are you as passionate for souls as you are about preaching?  Are you as passionate about knowing God as you are about preaching?”

You cannot lie to the Holy Spirit!  Ask Ananias and Saphirra:) No, I am not as passionate about those things as I am preaching.  Passion for preaching is not wrong.  Our passion for preaching, however, must flow out of our passion for souls, prayer and knowing God.  If we reverse the order, we will wind up losing our passion for preaching in the end.

I have renewed my pursuit of Him.  I am stoking the fires of my passion for prayer.  I want to be able to have a passion for preaching that flows out of my passion for God.

5 thoughts on “My Life’s Passion

  1. Thanks for being so open, that helps us know the direction our prayers for you. Together we can make a stronger more passionate church for God to use. It definately takes all of us being open to God’s leading, direction and his discipline.

  2. Self evaluation is a very difficult process and one that people rarely do. And, most do little with what they learn from the evaluation,. You are to be commended for the realization of where you need to increase your passion-but, most of all for taking steps to do so.
    That being said, I would be happy to have the passion you have. You have brought us so much in such a short period of time and I thank you. Bill Streepy

  3. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings. Direction, inspiration and prayer are so needed and I thank you for sharing a bit of your time to spread goodness and hope. Thank you again.

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