Wait and See

Everyone on the coast is nervously waiting.  Our trip to Houston wasn’t bad at all.  We took the less used route and there was little traffic.  County authorities have called a mandatory evacuation for tomorrow morning so there will be no services tomorrow.  As most of our people have already dispersed, we anxiously wait.  There is nothing like being hundreds of miles from home and watching the potential of a category 4 hitting your city.  There is a grip of fear in many hearts as we just wait and see.  The predictions show it hitting east of us, but it can waver.  There is nothing sure in this hurricane watching game.  We pray for protection on all communities that are still in the path of Gustav.  We should also be praying for Haiti, Jamaica and Cuba who have suffered immense devastation from this storm.  Tomorrow is Sunday, there is a sense of loneliness knowing that all of our friends from church are in different parts of the Southern US.  God be with us all!

Again, if you need links to vital hurricane information, click here.

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