Prayer For The Gulf Coast

I received a prayer by Tom Victor for the Gulf Coast region.  If you are compelled pray this for our coastal communities.

Call to Urgent, United Prayer for Gustav:

Please join with us in faith as we unite our hearts in prayer. For those in the Gulf Area, you are encouraged to point your hands towards Gustav and pray the following:

The Prayer:

Father, we acknowledge you as Lord over the United States.

You reign above all gods. All power belongs to You.

We thank You for your continual protection and provision.

Using the authority given to us in the Name of Jesus, we speak to Hurricane Gustav and we command the winds and the storm to dissipate.

We ask for the peace of God to still Hurricane Gustav, and we declare that Gustav will not bring harm or destruction to New Orleans, Houston or the surrounding coastal areas.

We also speak to Hanna and the storms lining up following Gustav. We declare peace to these storms and we command them to dissipate and to do no harm.

Lord, we ask You to touch the heart of every believer in this area to pray against this hurricane. Raise up a Spirit of prayer and empower your people to pray effectively.

Father, please forgive our many sins. Please forgive our disobedience, rebellion, unbelief, and any forms of idolatry. Lord, help us to be a nation that is kind and forgiving to others.

Have mercy upon us. Lord, help us to overcome our temptations as a nation, and please deliver us from this impending destruction. We ask You to destroy every satanic assignment against our nation during this season.

Father, in Your great love and compassion we also ask you to protect the peoples of the islands in the path of Gustav, Hanna and these weather system.

Now to the King Eternal, Immortal, Invisible, to God who alone is wise, be honor and glory forever and ever. We ask this in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Thanks for praying,

Tom Victor


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