The Last Sermon

I recently read about a college lecture series entitled, “The Last Lecture”.  The premise was they assigned a professor to share a lecture as if it was his last lecture ever delivered.  At Carnegie Mellon a professor, who had only six months to live, delivered the Last Lecture from the perspective of a dying man and what he would want to say to those in the audience.  He shared about his dreams for life and the pursuit of those dreams.

I was arrested with the thought of how that would be a cool sermon or series.  The Last Sermon: What I would share if it was the last sermon I ever preached.  The Last Prayer: What I would pray if it was the last prayer I ever prayed.  The Last Month:  What I would do if it was my last month to live.

None of us are guaranteed life.  In Kerry Shook’s book One Month To Live he talks about living like you are dying.  I know that is morbid but it would do us good to think that way.  What would I do if I only had one sermon to preach, one prayer to pray, one month to live?  You will find our beginning some time in June.

I would be interested to know what you would preach if you only had one last sermon to deliver.

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