What Could We Do?

Yesterday Evening, Josh and I worked with a group of people for the Convoy of Hope outreach, which is this Saturday.  Our objective last night was to bag over 4,000 bags of groceries.  That’s alot of groceries.

As we began the process, over a hundred people pitched in to get the bagging done in an hour and forty-five minutes.  That’s pretty impressive.  That equals approximately 38 bags a minute.  Not bad considering each bag has quite a bit of food.  Everything went smoothly because we all had a goal and purpose in mind and we worked to get it done.

In the church, it is amazing what we can do if we all have the same goal and purpose in mind.  What Could We Do if we all worked together like this every week?  If our goal was to win one person to Christ a year, our church would double every year.  If our goal was to plant new churches, we could see the Kingdom of God expanded like never before.  We must work together and follow God’s plan for His church.

The early church started with 120 people in one mind and one accord and in no time they were running in the thousands.  Yes it was a sovereign work of the Holy Spirit but the Holy Spirit works through unified people.  It was not long in the book of Acts before Luke changed the church growth terminology from “they added” to “they MULTIPLIED”

What Could Nederland First Assembly of God do if we all worked together to build our church?  What could the American church do if every church did the same?

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