Live Different

I heard recently, Buddy Cremeans say something that many of us overlook.  He said, “Life is short, live different.”

The old adage always said, “Life is short, have fun.”  But if life is short, we should live with the thought of making an eternal difference.  If life is short then we ought to seek ways to make our lives count.  Life is only a vapor.  It is here and will then pass away.  We must live in such a way that we handle life with the proper perspective.

Recently, an old acquaintance of ours passed away.  When she passed away at the age of 39, there were few people to grieve her death.  Sad to say, that she lived her short life in contention with others and did not leave a mark, not even on her kids.  39 years is a short life.  She could have lived different.

You and I have a decision to make in life.  Will we live for the glory of God and His eternal Kingdom or will we live for ourselves and our own selfish pursuits?  Life is short, live different!  Take risks for God.  Choose to follow Christ.  Decide to make a difference in this world we live.  Live different!

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