Tommy Barnett’s School Part 1

In a couple of hours I fly out to Phoenix for the Tommy Barnett School of Ministry.  I am excited to be going!  It has been a dream of mine for many years and it has finally come to pass.  I am expecting a time of refreshing but also a time to be challenged to become more focused on the Great Commission.

 Tommy Barnett has been one of my heroes in ministry for years.  I look forward to gleaning from his insight and seeing how it can make a difference in my life and ministry.

For all of us, we should always be learning; always looking inside to see how we can grow.  No matter how long we have been a believer or how long we have been in ministry we can still learn.  Our lives should be a constant cycle of reflection, introspection and learning.  God intends for us to sharpen iron with iron.  There is no greater way to learn than to attach ourselves to others who are doing something for the Kingdom of God.

I know that we cannot make everything Tommy Barnett does, work for our church here in Nederland.  But we might be able to see some things that we can start or even some things we can do different.  God is not satisfied with a church that stops growing.  He is looking for fruitfulness.  His concern is not that everybody build a Phoenix First Assembly, but that all of us, in our fields of labor, are being fruitful and growing.

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