Helping Out Joplin

Having been through several hurricanes while living on the coast of Texas, I am aware of the great need in a devastated community.  What happened in Joplin is unfathomable.  Yet in the midst of all their heartache we can be a help.  One of the greatest things we witnessed in the aftermath of hurricanes was the outpouring of compassion from outside our community.

Joplin is only an hour away and we can touch their lives through the hands of others.  I have been in contact with two different groups who will be on the ground in Joplin.  The NW Arkansas food bank has recommended a ministry that we can work with that will be taking items to Joplin this week.  They have been making daily runs to Joplin to hand out items that have been donated by good people from our area.  They are delivering the items to the affected people and their neighborhoods rather than setting up a trailer and making them wait in line to get things they need.

ITEMS NEEDED right away:

Hygiene items: Toothpaste and Toothbrushes, Combs, Hairbrushes, Soap, Shampoo, Germ-X, etc.

Baby Items: Diapers, Diaper Wipes & Baby Formula

Towels & Washcloths (New or Used)

Please bring these to church by tomorrow evening.  Our ministry contact will come by and pick them up to deliver on Thursday.

We will also be working with the Section 1 Assemblies of God to get items to Joplin next week.  Our section has been in contact with the Joplin section and we will be working closely with them and Convoy of Hope.  Joplin’s AG churches were hard hit. One church was completely destroyed and several others sustained major damage. 

Items that are needed by Wednesday June 1st:

bottled water
canned food
dry food
personal items(toiletry, etc.)

Please drop off at the church by Wednesday, June 1st.

There is also a place to donate to Convoy of Hope online: Click Here to Donate. Or you can give at the church and we will forward the money to Convoy of Hope or the Joplin Section of the Assemblies of God.  The church will be sending an offering to the church that sustained a total loss.

Thanks for your help and sacrificial giving.  God honors us when we have compassion on others.  Please continue to pray for all those affected by this horrific disaster.

One thought on “Helping Out Joplin

  1. Thanks for doing this Pastor. My son-in-laws parents were in this storm and no one could reach them, we finally heard today that they are safe before we were cut off. For two days they worried, I remembered to thank God for remembering a promise He made to me at 13 yrs old. God is so very good. Louanna

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