Thanksgiving Prayer

I thought I would share this again. Happy Thanksgiving to all!


Dear Lord, for your blessings I am truly thankful
Even though, when I don’t get what I want, I tend to grumble

You give me guidance, favor and unlimited grace
But I always complain when things don’t go my way

I’m in awe of the lovely flowers that bloom in spring
But I really get upset when you send us the rain

I’m thankful for such a gracious and lovely wife
But I take her for granted because she’s stuck with me for life

Oh, I can’t forget my incredible kids that you gave to me
But Lord, couldn’t you at least have given them a little less energy

I know the tendency that I’m sure all of us have
To thank you for the things we like and not for the bad

We want our lives to be perfect, without any pain
All peaches and cream, everything going our way

But God, let me now put all joking aside
Help me not be selfish and help me lay down my life

To understand that the world doesn’t revolve around me
I’m thankful for you and my wonderful family

For the blessings you have so generously bestowed
And for the children that you have given me to mold

And, one more thing, Lord, the next time I want to complain
Remind me of Jesus, who endured suffering for my gain

-Danny Cheney

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