Taking Risks

Ernest Shackleton the famed adventurer and explorer wanted to be the first person to cross Antarctica.  It had already been discovered but no one had crossed from shore to shore.  Within him was this passion, this calling to take the risk and explore the whole continent. 

In the days before GPS and cell phones, Shackleton set out to find a band of men who would go on this journey with him.  He placed an ad in the newspaper looking for a “few good men.”  The ad read, “Men wanted for hazardous journey.  Small wages, bitter cold, long months in complete darkness, constant danger, safe return doubtful.  honor and recognition in case of success.” 5,000 men applied.

Within the heart of mankind is a sense of adventure.  Most people play life safe.  Never taking any risks.  They read the ad that says hazardous journey and constant danger and decide that it is not for them.  There are, however, those who read the ad, recognition and honor in case of success.

There are risk takers and those who like the safety.  Which one are you?

All of us are called to take bold risks for the Kingdom of God.  I am not talking, just about risking our lives , but rather being willing do something for God.  Most people will hide behind fear of failure and never attempt anything.  They will always play it safe, because they do not want to disturb the status quo.  Then there are many who will hold back because change is too hard.

God is not looking for a people who want to stay comfortable but for a people who are willing to stretch themselves.  Who will be willing to risk reputation, comfort, security and mediocrity, and attempt something great for God.  It was William Carey who said, “Expect Great Things From God, Attempt Great Things For God.”

We often expect God to do great things for us, but we attempt very little for Him.  We wait for Him to do something and then we will act.  But God waits for us to make the move.  He is waiting for us to launch out.  Peter did not know if he could walk on water until he got out of the boat.

We could advance the cause of Christ more if we would get out of the security of the boat.  Money follows ministry, salvations follow evangelism, transformation follows action.  Let’s take bold risks for God!  Let’s do something great for Him!

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