God Reached Down

God is a big God.

”He parted the Heavens and came down, dark clouds were under His feet.
He made the darkness his covering, His canopy around Him.
Out of the brightness of His presence clouds advance, with hailstones and bolts of lightning.
The Lord thundered from Heaven, the voice of the Most High resounded.
He shot His arrows and scattered His enemies, great bolts of lightning and routed them.”

God is a mighty God.  An all-powerful being.  He sits enthroned in Heaven above.  Great power exudes from His presence.  He is a God to be feared, to be in awe of. 

Yet in spite of that power and might, there is a tenderness in the heart of God.  The words at the beginning describe the power of God.  His power over His enemies.  The Psalmist describes this God of might and then interjects the tenderness of God. 

“He reached down from on high and took hold of me; He drew me out of the deep waters.”

This God who is in Heaven far above us; who throws out bolts of lightning and thunders His voice across the Heavens, reached down.  Not only does He reach down, but He takes hold of us and pulls us out of the deep waters.  When we feel like we are drowning, when we feel like we cannot hang on any longer, He takes hold of us and pulls us out.  When we are treading water and hanging on for dear life, He pulls us out.

I was struck by the beauty of this verse.  That phrase “took hold of me” overwhelmed my heart.  Imagine the God of the Universe, reaching down and taking hold of us.  Securing us, stabling our lives, tenderly caressing us as we stumble through life.  He is not an unconcerned, angry God.  He is powerful, yet caring and loving.  No matter what you face, He can reach down and take hold of you.

2 thoughts on “God Reached Down

  1. Danny, thank you for taking the time to pour out your thoughts to us in this blog. For those of us who are introverted, contemplative, or not quite as outgoing as some, this gives us a chance to actually sit down and think about what our wonderful Father does for us. And we’re able to do this in the privacy in our own surroundings! Your blogs are encouraging and timely. I’m sure God has a hand in that! May our Father continue to guide your mind and hands. You’re an excellent pastor. What a blessing.

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