Off Center

Last week I tackled a project at my mother-in-law’s house.  It was a simple project of just replacing  a vent a hood.  A vent-a-hood was already in place, so it should have been an easy switch.  Well, it didn’t work out that way.

First off, the old vent-a-hood had a five inch vent, the new one a seven inch.  I spent half a day trying to find a solution to that problem.  We modified (jack-legged) the vent-a-hood with some duct work and then we were ready to go.  We installed it! Or we TRIED to install it.

We put the old vent duct onto the new modified piece only to find out that the old duct was damaged.  We tried to figure out how that could have happened.  We were careful pulling it out so we wouldn’t damage it.  I decided to take a look up the vent to the ceiling.  Something was wrong, seriously wrong.  The vent was 8 inches off center.  8 inches!

When you are trying to fit a new piece of equipment onto an old one, you need it to be centered.  To hide the home builder’s mistake, they had built an enclosure around the vent pipe and nailed it shut.  Not only that, they enclosed it and then built the cabinets around it, so it was almost impossible to get to.  They were trying to hide their mistakes and we would have never figured it out unless something went wrong.

This is the way it often is in our lives.  We get off-center and then build a wall around it or cover it up so no one will ever know.  We look good on the outside, our talk sounds good but we are still off-center.  The word sin literally means to miss the mark.  We miss the mark and our lives don’t line up with our Creator.  When something is off-set there is not a free flow from one to the other.  So it is, in our relationship with God.  Our lives must be in line with Him so that we can experience His abundance in our lives.

We cannot cover up our sins or our failures by putting on a front.  God knows our hearts, we cannot hide.  Too often we keep things hidden in our heart and only acknowledge them when something goes wrong or gets exposed.  God wants us to live in an open relationship with Him, where we readily acknowledge our failures, admit we have failed and repent (change).  This keeps us in line with Him.

Where have you gotten off-center in your life? 

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