Book Review – Christian Writer’s Market Guide 2009

The Christian Writers Market Guide 2009 (CWMG) is a great resource for aspiring authors and freelance writers.  It is an encyclopedia of helps to get published.  CWMG is broken down into sections that give you insight to publishing into many fields.

CWMG 2009Book Publishers, Subsidy Publishers, Periodical Magazines, even a field for Greeting Cards and other specialty publishers.

The author Sally Stuart, lists each publisher in alphabetical order and gives insight into  what you can expect from that publisher.  Stuart gives contact information, types of manuscripts accepted, how many titles they publish a year and more.  One of my favorite things she reveals is how many first time authors are accepted.  This is beneficial to know for those trying to break into publishing because some publishers rarely accept first time authors.  Stuart also informs the reader how long the submission process takes for each publisher.

This resource is not for everyone, but for those interested in publishing their writing, this is an invaluable resource.  Every aspiring author must have a copy of this on their bookshelf.  Stuart’s book will save the author hours of frustration by helping them select the right publisher for their work.  Also, included is a CD-Rom with more helpful resources.

You can find a copy of this great writer’s guide at

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