God Uses The Flawed

This morning we continued our series, FLAWED: How God Uses Imperfect People.  We talked and about something dear to my heart, God using those with a flawed past.  We looked at the story of the woman at the well and her checkered past.  5 husbands and now living with one who wasn’t her husband.  She had a history and was shackled to her past sin.

We talked about breaking the shackles of our past.  If we are shackled to our past, we will not allow God to use us.  He wants to deliver us and set us free for the future He has for us.  This morning, God was good as several young people responded at the altar and many of all ages acknowledged that they would like to be free from the condemnation of the past.

Check back Tuesday for the sermon audio.

On another note: it has been great to see the increasing number of youth coming to church on Sundays.  Many have never ventured into the sanctuary but now they are beginning to come.  We pray God will touch each one and that they would have an encounter with Him.

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