I Run Away

Raising a two year old has given us some new perspectives in life.  When Hannah doesn’t get her way she begins to run down the hall and cry, “I run away.”  She goes to her room and shuts the door.  I am not sure where she picked up this habit.  She didn’t learn it from mom or dad.  There must be something inherent in her nature that causes her to do this.

This is often how we act in our walk with God.  When we do not get our way or want to do our own thing, we cry out, “I run away” and we shut the door on the the things of God.  How often do we go through life trying to do our own thing?  How many times have we run away from God and shut Him out of our lives?  God intends for us to follow His plans for our lives.  To walk in His steps and live by His Word.  God never desires for us to run away and close the door on Him.

When Hannah realizes that we are not caving in to her attempt at running away, she comes out and moves on.  This is how it ought to be in our lives.  We should open the door and follow after God and make the decision not to run away, but to follow Him as close as we can.

2 thoughts on “I Run Away

  1. Please attach this address to Hannah’s clothes, 3559 Charles, Groves, Tx. I suppose you think I taught her that. Wish I would have taught her. Love to all. Your favorite Pest.

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