Thought For The Journey: Excellence?

In our walk through life we often become misguided in our values.  Often we cannot see our own hearts and inconsistencies.  As Christians we tend to be a people with double standards.  Expectations of others that we do not hold to ourselves.

When we go to a restaurant, we expect excellent food, great service and then we will leave a good tip.  We go to the grocery store and pick out the perfect foods that meet our specifications.  We go to the mall and shop for quality clothes (name-brand, no generics).  Then we venture to the church and expect top-notch worship and the perfect sermon.  “I hope the youth and children’s programs are par excellence for my excellent kids.”  After church we go to another restaurant and expect excellent food and great service and then we will leave a good tip.

We are trapped in our expectation of excellence.  Here is the flip side of this coin.  In our relationship with God we do enough just to get by.  Just to make to Heaven.  Enough committment to be called committed but do we go over and beyond for the work of Christ?  Are we serving God with excellence or are we just getting by?  We expect God to bless us and open incredible doors for us, all the while we serve Him half-heartedly. 

I am not talking about us performing in excellence in church ministry.  I am talking about taking up the cross and following Christ.  We judge others harshly but we do not use the same standard for ourselves.  Jesus said, “The same measure that you use, it will be measured back to you.”  Do we want to be judged by the standard we judge with. 

It is time for the church of Jesus Christ, to sell out to Him.  To become completely committed to Him and lay down our lives and follow Him.  Let’s quit doing enough just to get to Heaven.  Let’s do something that will guarantee rewards in Heaven.

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