Leaders Vs. Followers

Last night , I was reading Isaiah 25 in the Maxwell Leadership BibleJohn Maxwell had an interesting note concerning followers and leaders.  I began to evaluate where I was and thought “everyone needs to see where they are on this list”:

1.  See the here and now.
2.  Driven by the atmosphere of today.
3.  Limited perspective on their abilities.
4.  Can be diverted by today’s losses.
5.  Key word: immediate.

1.  See the ultimate goals and potential.
2.  Driven by their vision for tomorrow.
3.  Larger perspective on everyone’s abilities.
4.  Stays on track by focusing on the goal.
5.  Key word: ultimate.

So, are you a leader or a follower?  Is there some areas you need to work on?

Maxwell also said, “Good leaders never shrink from dealing with the realities of the here and now, no matter how depressing they might be.  Yet they never lose sight of the big picture and what the ultimate future looks like.”

We must look to the future as we build our church today!

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