Print Release – Sometimes, Church Hurts

?????????????????????????????????????????????I am excited to announce that the print version of my new book, Sometimes, Church Hurts is now available on Amazon.  You can get your copy here.  It is selling on Amazon for $9.89 and if you by the book, you can get the Kindle version for 99 cents.  You can read the full description of the book at the end of this article.

I am excited about this project finally being released.  I believe that God will use this book to not only heal wounded Christians but also, bring a greater unity in His church.  In my 19 years of pastoring, I have witnessed many people hurt by other believers. Some became bitter, others stayed wounded for years, while many fell away from church.  This book shares my burden for a unified church as well as healthy Christians walking in forgiveness and peace.  I pray that it will be a blessing to you.

My devotional book Thoughts for the Journey is still free on Kindle for the rest of the day.  The price on the paperback has dropped to $9.99 if you are interested. Click here to grab a copy.

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Sometimes, Church Hurts book description

Have you had a Christian friend turn on you? Has your church experience been tainted by painful relationships with other believers?

When Jesus instituted His church nearly 2,000 years ago, He declared that the gates of Hell would not prevail against it. While the enemy has never been able to overcome the church of Jesus Christ, he has still presented many challenges to it. Though the church was birthed in unity, division has marred many houses of worship. The reason? The church is centered on relationships and relationships can have problems. The church has been aptly described as a family, yet every family has its struggles and so it is with the family of God. Anytime there are problems in church, people get hurt.

Out of a burden for today’s church, Danny Cheney seeks to make you aware of the need for forgiveness and reconciliation. Drawing on nearly two decades of pastoral experience, he gives insight into how to find healing from church hurts. Having pastored three churches that had been through major division, Danny has seen first-hand the wounds that believers endure in the House of God. Through these experiences, he has found that the Scriptures give us all the answers to the problems churches and believers face. In Sometimes, Church Hurts, you will discover truths that will help you heal fractured relationships while also finding healing for your deepest wounds. This honest and challenging book addresses the issues that many churches and believers face today and helps us realize, Sometimes, Church Hurts.