Poem – A Brand New Page

Here it is a brand-new page,
Nothing written for it is a new day.

The pen of my life is filled with ink,
How will I write, is what I often think.

The regrets of yesterday are ever present,
The wounds of my past even more malevolent.

But what shall I do with this empty page,
Will I make the most of this brand-new day?

I carry all my worries and my cares I still shoulder,
It seems I get worse rather than better now as I get older.

But all these years it has done me no good,
So, I will cast them off, like long of go I should.

I will not write about yesterday on this empty page,
I will make my mark only with this brand-new day.

As I turn the paper to see the unfilled lines,
I leave the offenses that I have carried all this time.

The hurts that have been caused, the pain I still bear,
The resentment its bore, the rub on my soul it wears.

Yet, I will choose to forget and not write it on this page,
I will choose forgiveness, which is seen on this new day.

I am walking much lighter, already it does seem,
Anticipating a new day, with a brand-new theme.

My heart is free, my burdens much more light,
I should have done this long ago, that would have been right.

I am thankful for the fresh start of this unused page.
There is so much hope, with the dawning of this new day.

-Danny Cheney-

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