How many times can we fall?
Only to find God forgives it all?

A mess-up here, a wrong word there
A lack of compassion when we should care

Disobedience when we know we should obey
And we do not heed His voice, when He tells us the way

Why is He so gracious in all of our inconsistencies?
Because He loves us, in spite of our unreliability
-Danny Cheney-


“He reigned in Jerusalem eight years, and to no one’s sorrow, departed.” II Chronicles 21:20

Will you be missed when you are gone?  Are you leaving a legacy or will anyone be sad when you pass away?

I know this sounds like a cruel question, but I only intend to provoke thought.  What am I doing with my life that is affecting others for the good, so that I will be missed when I am gone?  Imagine being a king for 8 years and no one being sad when you died.  Jehoram had eight years to make a difference in the kingdom but lived contrary to God’s ways.  The result in the end was a painful death and no one caring that he died.

Our lives are short and we must leave a mark on the world in which we live.  If we are not doing something to impact those around us, we will slip into eternity unnoticed.  The endeavor of our lives should be to touch as many lives as we can and leave a legacy behind us.  Beginning with our family, our church, our neighborhood and our world.

I challenge you, decide today, to begin living different!  Live passionately for others!  Give your life away and see what God can do through you.  In the end, you will be missed!

Together, let’s make a difference in the world we live.  Let’s join together and touch the lives of those around us.

What’s On The Inside

What’s on the inside? 

Often when you look at something from the outside you can determine what is on the inside.  If you look at a Mercedes Benz from the outside, you know the interior is going to look good on the inside. 

I remember going to a nice two story mansion years ago; it was in the nicest part of Pasadena, Texas in the River Oaks Addition.  It must have cost, a million dollars.  From the outside it was gorgeous.  Pillars lined the front with large windows all around the house.  It was a dream house.  When we went inside, we had the shock of our lives,  there was barely any furniture and nothing hung on the walls.  They had bought too much house and could not afford to furnish the inside. 

This is often how we do with our lives.  We fix up our bodies; keeping in shape, dressing nice, making ourselves look the best outwardly, but what about inside?  How come we do not take as much care of our inside? 

The Psalmist prayed, “Cleanse me from secret faults.” (Psalm 19:12) 

We sometimes have faults that no one but God can see.  We are notorious for sweeping our sins under the rug while keeping the rug vacuumed.  Maybe we should clean out from under the rug first and then take care of the rug itself. 

Child of God, we must take extreme care that we do not harbor secret faults.  The eyes of the Lord are every where.  He sees even the deep crevices of the heart.  Ask the Lord to search your heart and when he reveals the secret faults, ask for forgiveness and clean them up.

Busy Spirituality

Do you ever get tired of being busy?

Isn’t it funny how we fill our lives with activity but somehow, we wind up regretting it?  Our lives are cluttered with so many types of “things” that we are distracted from the things of the Lord.

ImageWe have our kids and grandkids in sports.  School programs and extra jobs we must do.  The list doesn’t end there.  We have the “things” that must be done around the house and yet we still have to make room for all the church “things”.  Sometimes we feel more important if our calendars are filled with “things”.

Speaking of calendars, where on your calendar is your time of prayer?  I know you have appointments, but do you have an appointment with the Lord.  You may have doctor’s appointments to go to, but do you have an appointment to spend time with the Great Physician, Jesus Christ?

It has always amazed me that even in the church we keep the calendars full of activities but yet being busy doesn’t mean that we are somehow more spiritual or more alive.  Look at our weekly calendar at the church and find that we have thirty minutes dedicated to prayer out of a week of activities.  Is it the same in our lives?

We seem to schedule the most important element (prayer) out of our lives only to find ourselves too tired to pray.  Too tired to read the Word. 

I challenge you to slow down your life long enough to make sure that your relationship with God comes first.  Your prayer life is more important than activities and even more important than church ministry.  Everything you do in life should come after Prayer.  Adjust your life around spending time with God and watch your life be changed.