Are you in control?

Who is in control of your life?

Some may be thinking about their boss on the job, their spouse at home, or even, in some families, it might be the kids.  The question, however, is directed to the spiritual aspects of your life.  Are you in control or is God in control?

As human beings, we like to be in charge…in control of our own lives.  We don’t like to live our life for someone else.  We may think, “It is my life I can do as I please.”  That statement is true.  You can do whatever you please, but we should be doing what pleases God not us.

The fall of man came because man did what was pleasing to himself.  In fact, Satan fell from Heaven because he wanted to live his own life.  We were born into sin because of what Adam and Eve did in the Garden of Eden.  We now have to endure the tempting of the pride of life.  We have to suppress our desire to live a life of our own will.

John the Baptist said, “That I may decrease so He can increase.”

What a powerful statement!  This sums up the whole definition of surrender.  As a child of God, we know longer seek to live for our own wills but God’s will.  We should seek to die to ourselves, our plans, our own agendas, our pleasures and take up God’s life and plans.

Man’s problems today can all be traced to the fact that people do not want to give up any part of themselves to God.  Christians have a hard time laying down their pride, to submit to the leadership of God.  We can say that we love God.  We can work for His kingdom.  We can pray and read our Bible and still not be submitted to Him.

How can you tell when someone has surrendered to God?  Humility and servant hood.  They humble themselves and care nothing about who gets credit for their service.  They lay down the pleasures of this life so that they can walk in God’s life.  Evidence of a surrendered Christian is seen in the reflection of Christ in the believer.  They don’t tout spirituality they just walk in Christ’s love.

Surrender your life to Christ.  Give up everything to Him.  Quit worrying about what God can do for you and think of what you can do for Him.  Lay down your pleasures, your will and all that is in you and walk in humility.  God blesses those who are surrendered to Him. 

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What In The World?

What in the world is going on?
Where is God? Is He still on His throne?

The world around us is in turmoil, in great despair
Has He forsaken us, doesn’t He even care?

Wars, famines, disasters are all around
If you listen closely, in the distance you hear a sound

What could it be that our ears seem to behold?
Could it be Jesus coming back for His fold?

Does God care about this world anymore?
The signs we see are God knocking on our heart’s door

The things that our eyes are gazing on
Reveal His mercy to us before this world is gone

The pages of the Word reveal the times in which we live
For this reason, His Son, God willingly did give

It is His mercy that has held Him back so very long
Through His blood, He will return for His ransomed throng

Look up, look up! For our redemption draweth nigh
How long? How long? Until He splits the eastern sky?

This may be the day, this may be the hour
His Son, Jesus, will be revealed with great power

We do not know the day or even the time
But we must repent of all the sins in our life

If it be today, tomorrow or even many years
If our heart is right, there is no need to fear

-Danny Cheney-


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Life Begins

Last week, I visited my parents in Houston. One afternoon, my mom showed me an old loose-leaf notebook with recipes in it. It was a small black notebook that held recipes from my grandparents. Seemingly out of place was a quote from the great poet, Tennyson and a hand-written page containing, what I am assuming was thought from my grandfather.

On this page, written in red ink, he expounded on where life begins. It resonated with me, because it was as if it was written just for me. He has been gone a long time and I am not sure when this was written, but it was certainly for me in 2022. (Maybe it is written for you as well)

Life Begins

Of all the stupid, silly, useless, inexcusable habits – Regret is the tops.

Check up on yourself sometime and you’ll be astonished how much time is wasted in trying or wishing to undo something that is all finished beyond recall.

Regret is an enemy, and a very persistent one, as well as, a great time consumer.

Regret is useless – you can’t make things unhappen.

The only thing that binds you to an unhappy or unfortunate past is your own regret. Nobody else is going to care much about it.

The past is a closed chapter. The future is full of opportunities and possibilities, no matter whether you are forty or eighty.

Life begins at the very moment you cease to live in the past.

This is a challenge to all of us. The choices we have made in the past, are in the past. You cannot undo bad choices, but you can make a decision to make good choices in the future.

Philippians 3:13-14, “13 Brothers and sisters, I do not consider myself to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and reaching forward to what is ahead, 14 I pursue as my goal the prize promised by God’s heavenly call in Christ Jesus.” CSB

If you are always looking back, you will never see what is ahead. Press on. Move forward. Let go of regrets and live.

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Hungry For God

When I have a little free time in the office, I generally take a look back at some things that have impacted my life.  Years ago, my grandfather was in ministry and carried a loose-leaf Bible with sermon notes inside of it.  I enjoy reading through these notes to see if I can glean anything from his words of wisdom.

In his sermon on a passage in Ezekiel, he made an insightful statement that cut me to the heart.  “Remember, if you are hungry, you are healthy.  Hunger is a sign of health and if you have no hunger for God, you are sick.  May God create in us an appetite which only Jesus can satisfy. Down, Christian, down on your knees, if you want the blessing that God will give to you.”

Are you hungry for God?  If you are not hungry your spiritual life is sick.  The only remedy for hunger is to take the path to blessing.  On our knees is the place to find hunger.  On our knees is the place to have our hunger satisfied.

In this life we have so many things competing for our affections. It is hard to keep our hearts hungry for more of God.  If you find yourself in a place where you are not hungry for Him, you need healing from your spiritual sickness.  God will place in you a hunger if you will only ask Him.  May we hunger for the Bread of Life!

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Eternal Impact

Tonight we went to a visitation for a 55 year old man who died this week.  In my life as a pastor I have never seen so many people nor flowers like we saw tonight.  The funeral home was overflowing with arrangements for this beloved man.  He was a business man who knew people from coast to coast and was very well respected.  He was loved by many.

Sonya and I were in awe at the response of people that came to pay respects to this man.  We wondered what kind of impact he made on others.  What legacy might he have left?  He was influential to others but how lasting of an influence might that be?

As we left the funeral home, I thought of how life is short and we must make an impact for eternity while we have this life.  If we can have that kind of influence in our business life think of what could be done spiritually.  This gentleman was not a believer until two weeks before his death.  He only had two weeks to make an eternal impact.  What might he have done if Christ had come into his life earlier?

All of us are alotted time on this earth to impact others.  What are we doing with our time?  God desires for us to touch lives.  To share Christ’s love.  To disciple others.  Is this a common trait for our lives?  I hope so!  I pray that when I have gone to be with the Lord, that I have that many people who have been touched by our ministry and life. 

It says a lot about a man to see so many people come to the viewing.  He is at home in Heaven.   I pray that the testimony of his conversion, tomorrow at the memorial service, will impact lives for eternity.

Letting Go

It is hard some times to let our kids go.  Part of the maturity process for children is giving them a little more freedom.  Josh is 13, he is a great kid.  I am not just saying that because he is mine…well maybe I am saying that becuase he is mine.  He is a great kid and I trust him to make the right decisions in life.  But letting them go to a friends house overnight is tough.  You spend alot of time pouring into their lives to make sure when the time comes, they will do the right thing.

I am picky who Josh hangs around.  The friend he is with is a good kid from a great family.  But having said all that, it doesn’t make it easier to let Josh go.  Last night after we dropped him off, Sonya and I came to a conclusion, “our son is growing up.”

Part of parenting is having to let go.  I let go for this moment, but it is still my responsibility to instill in Josh the character of Christ.  I am not ready to cut the reins yet.  As long as he lives in my house I will hang onto him as much as I can.  But there are occasions that our kids need to know that we trust them.  This helps them to be more careful not to break that trust.

Monday Morning

Here it is Monday morning again.  A start for another week getting ready for Sunday.  It seems that there is the same deadline every week.  Wednesday sermon…Sunday morning Sermon…Sunday night sermon.  It is the weekly grind.  It will start over a week from today.  Although it is a revolving deadline, I wouldn’t trade it for any thing in the world.  I love ministry.  The work that we do makes an eternal difference.  Regardless of the demands we have, ministry is the best thing going.

On another note:  how about them Astros?  Finally, they might be coming around.  They swept the Mariners now they look forward to LA.  I was glad they called Chris Burke back to the majors.  By far he is my favorite Astro.   But the team as a whole is doing better.  Hunter Pence is the man and all the others are starting to hit well.  Keep it up boys!

Another Crazy Week

Let’s see, Men’s Breakfast Tuesday and then a crazy day in the office.  Wednesday was a day long meeting at the District Office.  Thursday, had a sectional committee meeting and finished the day with our monthly Senior Supper.  I am not a senior but by default of my position, I am allowed to go.  Today I came in at six to try to get caught up and get my sermon for Sunday ready.

As I left this morning, Sonya said that she missed me. (we haven’t seen each other much this week).  I told her that next week would be better, but she reminded me that I say that every week. 

Ministry is a joy but at times it is a hectic schedule.  The unsung heroes in ministry are the pastor’s wives.  They have to take the back burner sometime while their husband does kingdom work.  While pastors often fellowship together during our meetings, it is the pastor’s wives who rarely enjoy fellowship with their peers.  They are the ones taking care of the kids while the pastor is away from home.  My hats off to pastor’s wives and I pray that God will help us pastors balance family life and ministry.  Some weeks I do a great job at it, some weeks it is impossible.

Thanks Sonya for being understanding.