Revive Us O God

Revive Us GrandpasThe next few blog posts will be based off of some old sermons from my Grandpa’s Bible.  It amazes me  that the cry of the pastor’s heart was the same in the 1950’s as it is today. Or at least it should be.  Revive Us O God!

The sermon reads, “Our Lord has been glorified and the great gift to the church is the Holy Ghost and the one answer to your problems and needs and my needs  and that of the whole family of God throughout the whole world is the Holy Ghost.
Oh Breath of Life come sweeping through us,
Revive thy church with life and power.
O Breath of life, come, cleanse and renew us,
Equip Thy Church to meet this hour.”

Shouldn’t this be our prayer today?  The remedy for the world is still the same.  It hasn’t changed in these last fifty years, nor has it changed since the time of the Early Christians.  What this world needs is an outpouring of the Holy Spirit.  What the church needs is a revival that will change us and empower us to impact the world around us.

Our prayer should be, “O Breath of Life, move on us and revive us. Make us alive once again!”  Let us call on God and give Him no rest until a mighty revival sweeps through our communities and our nation.

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