Studying the Bible

How often do you really study your Bible?

Most people say, “Often”, but I didn’t ask how many read the Bible. Most of us read our Bibles often but how often do we study it?

To get the most out of God’s Word we have dig into it. For instance, take a book of the Bible and try to mark off recurring themes throughout the book.  You can take the bookbeliefs2 of Proverbs and  highlight every time it mentions wisdom, or the fear of the  Lord or the righteous, etc.  Another study is to take the Gospel’s and pay close attention to every time Jesus performs a miracle, note His prayers, or even study His parables.  You could also do my favorite study of all time, the Book of Acts.  Get six different color highlighters or colored pencils and mark the references to the Holy Spirit (His gifts and baptism), salvations, healings, prayer, evangelism, discipleship and teaching.

In doing this it helps you to focus more on what the Bible says and helps you retain more of His Word. Studying the Word of God will enrich your life and help you to learn how to live this life.

Another great tool for study is the Treasury of Scripture Knowledge (my favorite study book). You look up a verse of scripture and it will refer you to other passages in the Bible that are of the same subject.  This book helps you work through the Bible and see how God’s Word is pieced together.  You can find it online here.

I challenge you to get more out of the Word of God. The Bible says to study in order to show yourself approved.  Get into the Word…it will change your life!

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