Life Is Hard

Life is hard, is it our cross to bear?
Our burdens are heavy, is there anyone to share?

When you are all alone, can anyone be found?
Keep looking to find the One who is always around.

There is one. Only One, who will all your burdens bear
Surely He is the One who will truly care

Jesus, our Redeemer, who alone is our Peace
Whatever your need, He is there to meet

Why is it that we try to go through it all alone?
When our King stands alert waiting at His throne

Will you bear your burden, will you continue to carry?
Will you hide your pain and in your troubles be buried?

Cry out to the One, who suffered for all
He stands ready to answer your troubled call

Go ahead, cry out your impassioned plea
In a moment, by your side, He will ever be

To wipe away your tears and heal your broken heart
Never, no never, from your side will He depart

Now rest, in His eternal grace to share
Jesus is waiting, He will always be there

-Danny Cheney-

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