Its always a good day for a pastor when it is Friday and he is completely ready for Sunday. It doesn’t happen often. Sonya has a busy day at Hannah’s school so I decided to spend some time praying and reflecting. 

On days like this, I like to look through my grandfather’s old Bible. He preached for many years before quitting the ministry.  He was a prophet who pastored and that’s not a good mix. His messages were convicting. Sometimes too convicting and it upset many people. Ministry became too painful for him and his family so he walked away. He still served the Lord but not as a pastor.

Though he was a prophet, he was still a shepherd who loved his flock. He would spend nights in the hospitals with members who were sick. He would visit and take care of those in need. He was a good pastor.

For some reason he has been on my mind today.  As I was in prayer this morning, I noticed his old Bible on my shelf.  It was given to me after he passed away along with his other books and Bibles.  As I was flipping through the pages I stumbled upon this short poem in the front.  It gave me inspiration for the day.

If your life is unselfish
And for others you live
Not for what you get
But for what you give

If you live close to God
And His infinite grace
You don’t have to tell it
For it shows in your face

I’m not sure who wrote that but these words hold great truth. As you reflect on your life today, choose to live for others and let His grace show in your face.

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