Snow and Ice Apocalypse

Snow and Ice
Ice and Snow
To school the children cannot go.

Parents going crazy
Children getting lazy
When will the warm weather come?

Oh wait!
Is that the sunshine?
It went behind the clouds, nevermind.

Are you kidding me?
Is that snow falling from the sky?
I thought today was supposed to be dry.

It keeps piling up.
Snow on top of ice
Oh boy, it’s going to get to nine degrees tonight.

Can’t get out
cabin fever is epidemic
We’ve watched every episode of Andy Griffith.

It’s white outside
But of the summer I dream
Oh no, what will I do? I’m out of ice cream!!!!

Can’t live without it
Now I will risk life and limb
Just to get to Wal-mart again.

On second thought
It’s only a mile in the snow.
I’ll bundle up the kids and make them go.

It hasn’t been this quiet in four days
I know, When they get back
I’ll send them outside to play.

-Danny Cheney-

2 thoughts on “Snow and Ice Apocalypse

    • For some reason I eat more ice cream in the winter. Something about cold weather that makes me enjoy it more. I thought I was crazy and the only one like that until I drove by Andy’s when it was 30 degrees outside. The cars were lined up to get in there.

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