We Remember


12 years ago today was a day that we shall never forget.  Never in my lifetime had I seen such horrific events take place.  My heart was heavy for a nation that had lost so much in one day. As a nation, we felt violated. Our security was weakened and we realized that we were vulnerable to the worst of humanity’s sins.

Our hearts were heavy for months after those events. We clung to God in those days. We sought refuge in Him. And when no words could explain, we saw the goodness that came from people who laid down their lives for others. We saw the sacrifice of our firefighters and first respondents.  They are no less heroes today.

Our soldiers entered into a war on terror after 9/11. They have fought that war for years. The bravery of our armed forces is not matched anywhere in the world and we should be thankful that we have a nation, that although we are vulnerable, we remain strong.  The commitment of our men and women in uniform gives me pride in this great nation.

My heart was heavy on 9/11, 12 years ago and my heart is still heavy today.  For a nation that turned to God in crisis, we have turned away again.  We no longer seek His blessing on our land.  We want continued prosperity,  yet we do not want the hand of God. So on this 9/11 anniversary, I intercede for the greatest nation in the world. I stand in the gap for our leaders and ask God to give them wisdom and humility. I call on God to forgive America of her sins and believe Him to bring revival to this great land.

There is yet hope for America. There is a generation of people calling out to Him.  There are a people who are hungry for God to move in this nation.  I’m still clinging to God and so should we all!

God bless America!

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