Birthday Number Seven

20130910_192619Seven years ago, today we celebrated the birth of a precious little girl.  Hannah Elizabeth “Lou” changed our lives and has brought joy to our home.  She was indeed a miracle baby. Sonya wasn’t supposed to be able to have any more children.  The doctor deemed it impossible for her to carry a baby full-term.  But with God all things are possible.  We were blessed to have this girl who is so full of life and drama.  We ask ourselves often what it would have been like if we never had her.  Besides the usual answer: the house would be clean and quiet, we both agree that it would be awful boring and we would have missed out on so much.

In these seven years, I am amazed at her capacity to learn the Bible (JBQ, Sunday School and Kid’s Church) and her innocent love for God.  She is passionate about Christ and sings about Him all the time.  She loves church and Jesus!

She also adds a lot of illustrations for my sermons.  I couldn’t use Josh stories any more because he got too old and didn’t like me telling on him anymore.  Now I have Hannah who has given me endless supply of stories. 

I am thankful that God blessed us with her! Happy 7th birthday to my little princess (or now she likes to be called a pony)!

On another note, I ruined her birthday party last night.  We got her a new 20 inch bike for her bday.  She also got a helmet and new elbow and knee pads.  Before we went out to ride her new bike she asked if she had to wear her pads. She has an adventurous spirit like me and she didn’t want to where them.  So, I told her she didn’t have to.  Her mom said she needed to and I came back with a stupid statement.  “Honey, she knows how to ride a bike.  She’s seven now.  She doesn’t need pads.”

Well, about the third lap around the parking lot, Hannah spills out.  She screams in pain.  She got a nice scrape that covered her whole knee.  Its all fun and games until someone gets bloody.  Sonya says calmly to me. “Always listen to the mother.”

As we get into the car to go out to eat, Hannah blurts out, “Dad, you endanger my life.” I guess, she forgot that it was her idea not to wear them.  After an hour of her being mad at me, she settled down and forgave me.






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