Happy 41st

Of all  the treasures in this world, there is one that has far greater worth than all others.  A Godly Woman.  Our world today puts worth on things that have little actual worth.  Its value is based on things that do not last or thnigs that do not matter.  But the thing I treasure most is the woman God gave me.  41 years ago today, God unfolded His mate for me.  He created her to be my help meet.  He gave her all the qualities that would be the perfect compliment for me. 

Often, I have not treasured her as I should.  I have not valued our differences enough.  Yet, now I realize that God knew exactly what I needed.  I am thankful that He created and formed this gracious woman.  I can imagine the day that God commanded her birth and looked at her and said, “She is good! She is mine!”  Words cannot express the love that I have for her.   He has given me a beautiful, loving, caring and godly wife.

Nearly 22 years ago when we married, I would have never dreamed that our lives would lead us where we have come.  Through 17 years of pastoring, she has been such a blessing to me as she serves along side of me in ministry.  Though I often get the pats on the back, because my ministry is more public, Sonya quietly serves.  Serves in many capacities.  She doesn’t do it for recoginition, she does it because she is a woman who loves God with all of her heart.  I could never make it in ministry without her.  She truly is my help meet.

Happy Birthday My Cheney!

2 thoughts on “Happy 41st

  1. Happy birthday to a wonderful woman who is such a blessing to so many, including her one flesh soul mate. Have a blessed day!

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