Believing Prayer

Matthew 21:22, “And  whatever things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive.”

Jesus gives us a promise about prayer.  Whatever things you ask in pray you will receive if you believe.   What a promise!   Why is it so hard to believe in the power of prayer?  If we truly believed in God’s power to answer, we would pray more.  We are weak in prayer because we are weak in faith.  Somehow we have convinced ourselves that God will not answer so why pray.  I am reminded of the Scripture, “You have not because you ask not”.  The Bible also tells us to let our requests be made known to God.

As a sidenote, I find it interesting that Jesus gives us this great promise of answered prayer in the same chapter as His challenge for the church to be a house of prayer.  He has called us to engage in believing prayer. As individuals and as a church.

One thought on “Believing Prayer

  1. Oh to have that kind of faith once again. I had it and have somehow over the years let it slip away. On more than one occassion have seen people raised from the dead (20 mins. pronounce and on way to morgue, etc…) Miraculous healings as though the indiviual never had the affliction, Teeth grow in where there had never been any before. The blind receive their sight. Now I hang my head in utter shame because I don’t see those things happening anymore, I am sure it is because of unbelief. I know I still serve the same God and He has not changed, it has to be me who has changed and how do I get back to where I once was. I still believe in miracles. The fault lies within me, he hasn’t changed. I thank God for those who still believe with unwaiving faith to see miracles happen and know that things will change because they have prayed. I can pray that way that things happen because I know God hears me and that He will answer and bring that prayer to pass and it does come to pass. Except for prayers for healing. What used to be so easy for me to do is now so difficult and grieves me deeply in my spirt. But I will continue to bombard heaven with prayer and pray all the while that God help me in my unbelief so that the prayer isn’t hindered. I believe in pray it is a mighty weapon against the powers of darkness.

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