What’s Life All About

What is life all about anyway?
One day it’s here and then it goes away

Am I doing any thing that lasts
Anything that matters, what’s in my past?

As the Great Judge looks at history
Will He see labeled on my life, His Story

For what matters in life is not what I did
As much as what He did through me

It His grace that has been labeled on my heart
That in the end, it is really about me just doing my part

Having my place in the history of man
That it could be said that I did all I can

You see in life it is more than just us alone
It is a partnership with the One on the Throne

He does His part, I do mine
It is about me making the Master shine

To be a vessel meet for the Master’s use
I am here to do what He says to do

So again I ask what is life about any way?
To do it not my way but His way all day every day

Life is living for the One who created me
That in me I will be all that He wants me to be

That in the end everyone will find
That I did His will in life not just mine

-Danny Cheney-

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