Gifts Testing

This morning I woke up with a thought rolling over in my mind.  It was probably a carry over of studying yesterday for Sunday’s message.  Our topic for Sunday deals with every believer maturing and becoming servants of Christ and others.

I woke up this morning thinking about the American church including ours. Over the last 15 years we have used different tests to help people discover what they are supposed to do for Christ.

We have the PLACE test to help people find their place in ministry.  We have spiritual gift tests to help people discover their gifts for ministry.  Which one of those did the early church use? Did the Apostle Paul take one to help him discover he was called to be an apostle and called to martyrdom.

The tragedy of the modern church is that it is easier to get people to take a test than it is to get them to pray for direction.   We are so far removed from following the Spirit that we have relied on tests to show us.

I have used these for years but have seen little lasting fruit. The reason? When people are placed by a test that sense of calling is absent.  When they have been shown by a test they don’t always have the passion to go along with it.  I firmly believe in the future at RFA we must rely on God to show us through prayer, through His word and through the burning passion of God in our hearts. 

If you are looking for your place in God’s kingdom, seek Him.  Call upon Him and He will show great and mighty things that you did not know.

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