The Whirlwind of Time

Is your life like a whirlwind of time? Does your to do list never end?

Life is a precious commodity, a jewel to be guarded.

Psalm 89:47 says, “Remember how short my time is; for what futility have you created all the children of men?

While as Christians, we are not to be so wrapped up in this life that we do not care about eternal life; we should value our lives. Many people pass through life without savoring the beauty of what God has created around us. Some pass life through living in misery. I believe that our level of misery is determined by our attitude. Some choose to remain unhappy. If we value life, we will stop and find out how to enjoy it. Trials will still be there. You will still get sick at times, and someone might even hurt your feelings, but why let these ruin your life? Handle what life dishes out with joy and longsuffering.

Since we must value our life, there are three things that are highly important:

1. Our relationship with God. This is the most important. Life on its own is nothing without the Master. Seek to make the most of your time with Him. Be a student of His Word and take the time to spend at His feet. Those who value life will value the eternal.

2. Your Family. This is second in importance. God has entrusted you with your family. They have been loaned to you until Christ comes. Take the time to be with them. Someone once said, “A man on his deathbed will not look back at his life and say ‘I wish I would have spent more time at the office.'” Find out what is necessary to maintain your employment, but don’t sacrifice your family to make money. The legacy you leave to your children will live on when they raise kids. Let it be a good legacy.

3. Your ministry. Third, our life should be spent serving God and finding our place in Him. When rewards are passed out in Heaven, I look for Him to say, “Well Done Thou Good and Faithful Servant”. In valuing life, you should seek to make a difference in somebody else’s life. Do the most you can, the best you can for God!

Life is full of surprises and excitement. It is also full of trials and disappointments. Choose to love life, choose to cherish life, and choose to enjoy life! Jesus said, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.”

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