Over the last several weeks I have been overwhelmed with a feeling of gratitude.  I am thankful that God allows me to be in full-time ministry.  I think back to the few years that I was bi-vocational.  Working a full-time job and pastoring a full-time church.  Those were weary times but I was blessed to be able to be in ministry and preach the Word of God.

Now, every week, I have the privilege of serving the greatest church on earth.  When I look at what God has done in our church, I stand amazed at His goodness.  This year many have given their hearts to Christ.  In a few weeks we will be baptizing more people in water.  We are seeing growth.  New people equals new opportunities to impact lives.

I love hearing the stories of people, who in one way or another have been touched by RFA.  Either through our kid’s ministries, youth ministries, Sunday School or the church service…people are being ministered too.  There is always a deep satisfaction when one of the kids we pick up on the van on Wednesday night brings their parents to church.  God is good!

Furthermore, I am thankful to be able to preach the gospel, every week, to such a receptive crowd.  I truly look forward to every Wednesday and Sunday to share the Word of God.  What an honor it is to be called by God to RFA.

Sonya and I love you guys with all of our heart.  Thanks for letting us be your pastors!

One thought on “Blessed

  1. We at RFA can never thank you and Sonya enough for the way you pour your lives into our church. It truly is a church “home”….a place to feel safe, secure, loved…blessed.

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