#6 today

Six years ago today, Hannah entered the world and how she has changed our home.  She is a fun loving, sweet and affectionate little girl and she makes me and her mom very proud. 

I love to watch her being shaped into what God desires her to be.  I am fascinated when I walk out into the back yard while she is swinging.  I hear her worshipping the Lord by singing songs about Jesus.  She often sings familiar worship songs and many times she just makes those worship songs as she goes.  What intrigues me the most is when I walk out, she has me and everything else tuned out while she sings.  If she catches me looking at her, she’ll rebuke me and tell me not to bother her while she sings.  There is no doubt that she is going to be a worship leader.  She sings and already has learned to play the air guitar.

As most people know, she also loves horses.  For her birthday she received horse lessons for the next two months.  Her first lesson was yesterday and you would have thought she was in heaven being around all those horses. 

Happy birthday, my little Hannah! 


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