Sunday Evening Hike

The weather has been beautiful and Sonya, Hannah and I set out for a short hike at Hobbs State Park.  With all the recent rain, the Van Winkle trail was a little overgrown but the flowers and trees were beautiful.  I’ve also included a few pictures I took while out on Beaver Lake a couple weeks ago.  Including the 15 inch Crappie I caught.  Finally, I picture of a fish I caught myself.


Since Beaver Lake’s water level is down, we took some time to check out Monte Ne and the “ruins” of Coin Harvey’s resort.  Of course we saw the tower and a few other things but with a walk down the slope you could look under one of the concrete slabs of what I was told was the old bank (not sure if that is true).  It makes me curious what the bottom of this slab was used for.  Nonetheless, I am fascinated by Monte Ne’s history. 


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